What We Sell

We offer a wide selection of unique pasture-raised poultry and meat. Not all products are available at all times of the year, and some items (such as lamb) are sold only through our CSA farm membership.

For information on presently available products and prices, check out our price sheet (updated bi-weekly) for an easy-to-read list.

For information on how to cook with all of our different products, please see our Blog.

IMG_1585Red Ranger Chicken 

Red Ranger chickens are the star are our farm. These slower-growing birds have a higher ratio of dark meat to white meat, packed with exceptional flavor from their active lifestyle on pasture. Healthy, hardy, and nutritious, they redefine the phrase ‘tastes like chicken’ from something bland to something unique!

White Rooster on Green Grass FieldCornish Cross Chicken 

For those who prefer more white meat, we also offer the classic Cornish Cross chicken. Raised on pasture and fed our custom corn-and-soy-free diet, you’ll find that these birds are much healthier and more flavorful than what you would typically find in the store!

Photo of Black RabbitRabbit

Lean, mild-tasting rabbit meat is one of the healthiest foods available for both people and the planet. Truly ‘the other white meat’. For those who are sensitive to chicken or prefer to eat animals that consume primarily grass, rabbit is not only an alternative to poultry, but a delicacy in its own right.

Brown CattleGrass-Fed Katahdin Lamb

There’s so many benefits to grass-fed meat, and our sheep play an important part in the ecosystem of our farm. Flavorful, lean lamb meat is enjoyed throughout the world, and Katahdins perform well on the native pasture grasses and hot summers unique to the Gorge.

White Duck With 22 Ducklings in Green Grass FieldMuscovy Duck

Muscovy ducks are excellent foragers able to harvest more nutrition from the pasture than other types of poultry. Muscovy have rich, dark, flavorful breast meat that — when cooked to perfection — is like a delicate steak. They are typically leaner than other breeds of duck.

White Duck Near Water Close-up PhotoPekin Duck

A traditional and widely-available variety of duck, Pekins are perfect for those looking for duck to use in traditional european or asian recipes calling for a rich, plump bird.


Brown Eggs in NestHeritage Breed Chicken Eggs

Our mixed flock of heritage breed hens enjoy a happy, active outdoors on our pastures. In return, they give us the best-tasting, most nutritious chicken eggs you can find!


Close-up of Purple CrocusHeritage Breed Duck Eggs

Uou can’t go wrong with eggs from our heritage breed ducks raised on pasture, which are rich in flavor, higher in vitamins and minerals than chicken eggs, and have a thicker, fluffier texture that makes them the ideal choice for poaching and baking.

Giblets and Bones

We also offer a wide variety of bones and giblets! For the active home cook, these lesser-known gems are perfect for making bone broth, pate, and more. Organ meats from pasture-raised animals are an excellent source of dense nutrition.

Livers — Hearts — Feet — Bones — Gizzards