Red Ranger Chickens

Most of the chickens raised for meat in the United States are of a breed called the Cornish Cross, which reach maturity in an astonishingly short time of 6-8 weeks. Cornish Cross are optimized for factory-farm conditions, with intense nutritional requirements to support their quick growth rate. They often suffer when exposed to cold or wet conditions, or from changes in their diet. They are known to develop leg problems and immobility issues towards the end of their short life, and often develop respiratory and heart disease as their organs struggle to keep up.

Red Ranger chickens are from lines developed in France, and are optimized for life in the great outdoors. They are excellent foragers (hunting for bugs, eating grass, and running around). They grow more slowly, reaching maturity at 10-12 weeks of age. This ensures that they are able to develop proper ligaments and healthy organs. They can thrive on a greater variety of diets, making them more adaptable and resilient. They can handle inclement weather without missing a beat.

All of these qualities make the Red Ranger not only a healthier bird, but a tastier one as well! More time spent free-ranging on the pasture and enjoying a more natural life and diet means that a more rich, flavorful, and nutritious meat makes it from our farm to your plate.