Support Our Farm

Establishing a farm to become financially viable in such a way that it can provide a whole source of income for even one individual is a great challenge, and as new farmers we often struggle to make ends meet for both our small business and ourselves. As one of my dearest colleagues used to say:

“Farming is not a job, it’s a lifestyle.”

It’s some of the most satisfying work you can do, but also some of the most difficult — no sick days or paid vacation when the animals need to be cared for. The hours are long and the weather not always agreeable! We do what we do because we love our land, we love our animals, and we love our fellow humans. Through the wild beauty and nourishing foods our farm has to offer, we want to help cultivate our collective minds and bodies towards a more sustainable future.

Your loyal patronage is the best support you can offer. (You can visit our Where to Find Us page to purchase our pasture-raised meats and sustainable produce). If you feel that what we do and the products we provide are not just delicious but also important, we appreciate you!

But if you are looking for ways to be even more involved, we’ve put together some suggestions:

Projects, Events, Classes: You can contribute to one of our various farm projects at our GoFundMe page! This will help us purchase materials for improving animal housing, keeping up our equipment and buildings, hold events for our customers to come meet us and enjoy our land, and help us host classes on rural skills.

Supplies: A need that never ends! We are grateful for anything you would like to contribute from our Farm Supply Wishlist. It’s easy to send us small items with a few clicks.

Please note: We are not a registered 501c non-profit. Your contributions are not tax deductible, but they do go directly to our farm and make a difference!