Pasture-Raised Meat & Eggs and Specialty Produce in the Columbia Gorge of Washington and Oregon

 Horseradish Ranch is located at the foot of Mount Adams near White Salmon, WA on an historic 121-acre property. Our mission is to increase food independence and regional resiliency in the Columbia River Gorge and the Northwest, bringing you sources of protein (both animal and plant-based), calorie-rich storage crops, and wild foods. We focus on using and further developing heritage agricultural techniques such as dry farming, no-till soil management, and raising breeds of livestock that thrive in their natural environment (on pasture). We emphasize the importance of regenerating our land and ecosystem through holistic management, and are committed to providing gmo-free, regional foods with practices that build soil fertility, don’t deplete our water resources, and encourage biodiversity.

We improve our pastures, streams, and forests every year through rotational multi-species grazing. We practice dry-farming in our fields to help bring back successful agricultural techniques that are resilient to drought and increasing demands on our water resources. We practice no-till farming to improve the structure and health of our soil, as well as reduce erosion and runoff. We are developing a small-scale system that can help transform lands traditionally considered undesirable for agriculture into productive and sustainable use, building fertility and resources over time rather than draining them.

 We raise all of our animals on pasture from spring through fall, where they enjoy sunshine, exercise, grass, and a spectacular mountain view. Our lamb is 100% grass fed, and our small livestock are fed a ration of grains in addition to pasture that is GMO free, contains no corn or soy, and is made with ingredients sourced from the Pacific Northwest wherever possible. We raise breeds of livestock that are suited to a natural life and diet in the great outdoors, and varieties of plants that are well-suited to our farm’s specific soil and climate conditions.

While we are not certified organic, we strive to include organic principles in managing our land and animals to provide clean, healthy foods. No herbicides or pesticides are used on our property. We aim to provide our customers with the highest-quality, humanely-raised meats and delicious pantry goods that are full of all the goodness of nature that we want in our food, and absent the things that we don’t.