Horseradish Ranch — Returning in 2021

As we settle into a new property and a new pace of life, Horseradish Ranch is taking a hiatus from the farm business in 2020. Taking time to re-evaluate and rebuild our systems — and our business model — to better suit our new situation was not an easy decision to make, but it is one that we believe will help us serve both us and our community better in the long-term. Horseradish Ranch has always been committed to creating a resilient future, and so we remain focused on the long-term goals we’ve held, hoping to move ever closer to them as we continue on this journey.

To all of our wonderful customers, we thank you for your support and the opportunity to serve you. For the 2020 season we will continue to post on the blog with recipes, musings, and updates on this site, as well as reinvigorate our e-mail newsletter with the same. Subscribe to stay in touch, and we look forward to coming back into production in the future with more to give!