Cherry-Orange Clafoutis

As the days lengthen, hens start laying more eggs. This classic french clafoutis recipe is one of my favorite ways to use them. Utilizing frozen gorge-grown cherries from last summer and in-season California citrus, it's a great way to get a taste of that bright fruity goodness we all crave when spring begins (even though… Continue reading Cherry-Orange Clafoutis


Rabbit Cacciatore

Italian is one of my favorite cuisines. The simplicity of the recipes really let inherent flavor of high-quality ingredients shine through. Pasture-raised meats, fresh local vegetables, and a smattering of unique herbs and spices are the real stars of an Italian recipe. Rabbit Cacciatore is a time-tested way of preparing rabbit. The familiar flavors in… Continue reading Rabbit Cacciatore


How we define our food and the power of Positivity

We've all been there: tired, hungry, and in the grocery store (or the rummaging in the cupboard) for something to eat. But we're surrounded by things we want to make sure we avoid! Chemicals. Corporations. GMOs. Animal cruelty. It's scary out there. Sure, there's some labels to help us decide what to avoid, but who… Continue reading How we define our food and the power of Positivity

Cooking Tips

Cooking with Different Breeds of Poultry

As one might expect, different types of birds have different needs when it comes to cooking! This post is all about how to make the most of the bird you have. Please cross-reference Cooking with Whole Chicken for general information on cooking whole birds. Here at Horseradish Ranch, we raise five different types of poultry:   1.… Continue reading Cooking with Different Breeds of Poultry