Cooking Tips & Recipes

Our pasture-raised poultry isn’t just any old chicken. We put a lot of TLC into raising them. They get fresh air, exercise, and forage (bugs & grass), unlike commercially-raised confinement chicken (yes, even the one labeled ‘organic’) found in most grocery stores. We raise slower-growing breeds that are healthier, more active, and better foragers than your typical commercial chicken. In addition to rotating pasture, we offer our chickens a custom-formulated feed using corn/soy-free, non-gmo, northwest-based ingredients for optimum health and high nutritional content. In return, our chicken appreciates a little TLC from you in the kitchen in order to bring out the amazingly rich flavors and textures of these unique birds. Here are some of our favorite kitchen tips and recipes!

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Tips for Cooking

Want to adapt one of your favorite recipes to work well with our pasture-raised meats, or try something entirely new? These tips will help you keep it simple while getting the best results. » Low & Slow: The best and most effective way to make tender, tasty poultry is to cook it at a low… Continue reading Tips for Cooking


Ready to get cooking? Enjoy some recipes! Some of these recipes we created ourselves here at the ranch, some are based on recipes by others, and some are links to recipes at other sites that we have tried with our meats and loved the results.  Stewed Rabbit (from Dishing Up the Dirt) – Local farmer/foodie… Continue reading Recipes

Preparation Tips

Before your meal goes in the pan, try some of these preparation tips to keep your meat juicy and tender! We’ve got extra tips and links about the benefits of cooking with whole or bone-in poultry and meat, and also how to cut them up for dishes that call for pieces. » Brine: Soaking your… Continue reading Preparation Tips