Cooking Tips & Recipes

At Horseradish Ranch, our animals live well. Every year from spring through fall, they enjoy a natural life and diet out on our pastures. They get fresh air, exercise, and grass, unlike commercially-raised confinement meats found in most grocery stores.

We put a lot of TLC into our animals, and in return, our meats like a little TLC from you in the kitchen in order to bring out their best flavors and rich textures. 

Scroll down to view the categories, and enjoy some of our favorite tips for good results in the kitchen with pasture-raise meats!


Ready to get cooking? Enjoy some of our favorite recipes! Some of these recipes we created ourselves here at the ranch, and some are links to recipes at other sites that we have tried with our meats and loved the results.

Preparing Poultry

Looking for some suggestions on how to cook and serve a whole bird, or how to cut it up into parts? We’ve got you covered. Pasture-raised poultry can seem like a whole new world, but with a few simple tricks, it can be easy as chicken pot pie.ย 

Preparing Rabbit

Rabbit is a unique treat, mildly flavored and boasting the highest protein per pound of all domestically-reared meats. Rabbit is all white meat, very low in fat, and easy to digest, making it a suitable substitute for individuals with allergies or sensitivities to chicken. It’s a personal favorite of mine!