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Tips for Tender, Tasty Chicken & Rabbit (scroll down for Recipes)

Our Pastured Poultry isn’t just any old chicken. We put a lot of TLC into raising them. They get much more fresh air, exercise, and forage (bugs & grass) than commercial chicken. We raise slower-growing breeds that are healthier & more active than commercial chicken. In return, our chicken likes a little TLC from you in the kitchen in order to bring out it’s amazing, rich flavors and textures.

» Low & Slow: The best and most effective way to make tender chicken is to cook at a low temperature (250f) for a longer time (2-3 hrs depending on the size of the chicken). Always cook poultry to the proper internal temperature for safety (165f).
» Breast Down: Turning the chicken ‘upside down’ with the breast facing the pan or rack will help keep the lean breast moist & tender.
» Brine: Soaking your chicken for a few hrs (in the fridge) in a mixture of salt water & vinegar will help infuse juices and flavor into the meat.
» Closed pot: Cooking in a closed container such as a roasting pot or dutch oven will help lock in moisture.
» Rabbit in Fat: Since the skin of the rabbit is removed, unlike chicken, it is very lean. Rubbing the rabbit in oil or butter before cooking will help keep the meat juicy!

You don’t need to use all of these methods every time you cook. Even just one or two will make a difference!


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