2019 Meat & Egg CSA

We’re excited to continue our CSA program for our Columbia Gorge community servicing Northeast Portland, Hood River, and White Salmon! You can use the links below to learn about the details of our CSA. 

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What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s a membership to our farm, allowing us to start each season from a place of strength with you as our committed customer. When you buy through the CSA you’re essentially purchasing a ‘share’ in the animals and products we raise throughout the year.

In return for their membership in our farm, our CSA members are provided with a ‘share’ of our unique poultry, meat, & eggs delivered to a central pickup point in their area once a month, from April to December of 2019.  

Our CSA is intended to complement, not replace, any vegetable CSA you may already be a part of. Horseradish Ranch focuses on providing high-quality proteins that will help round out your locally-based diet.
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Share Contents

A single share will provides members with 6-7 lbs of frozen meat/poultry and one dozen eggs per month. A double share provides members with 12-13 lbs of frozen meat/poultry and two dozen eggs per month.

We also offer an optional add-on, if you’d like to receive culinary herbs for +$5/mo to complement our meats (We partner with Blue Moon Stead to provide these).

Here’s an example of a monthly delivery for a ‘single share’ member:

  • 1 Whole (or pieced on occasion) Red Ranger Chicken (3-4 lbs)
  • 1 of the following (2-3 lbs), these products will rotate throughout the season:
    • Whole Rabbit
    • Whole Duck
    • Lamb (cuts and/or ground)
    • Whole Heritage Chicken
  • 1 dz Heritage Chicken Eggs or Duck Eggs
  • 1 pkt of herbs (Rosemary, Thyme, Marjoram, Tarragon, etc.)
  • Recipes, cooking suggestions, and educational materials tailored to the share contents will be e-mailed to you!

Contents may vary depending on the season and availability of products, but the dollar value of the share will always be met using the types of products listed above (e.g. we may substitute one kind of meat for another, or include more meat or eggs if our supply of one or the other is short during the season). Our CSA members always get priority for limited-supply items, and we do our best to stick to the projected contents above.
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  • $70/mo for a single share ($75 with the herb option)
  • $135/mo for a double share ($140 with the herb option)

Our CSA will deliver once a month for 9 months, from April to December. You can join the CSA at any time throughout the year until we are sold out of shares.

You have the option of paying your membership all at once at the beginning of the season by check for a 5% discount, or being billed monthly at the rates listed above. Monthly billings require payment be made to Horseradish Ranch by the 7th day of each month. Monthly payments can be made via check or Paypal.

The CSA allows our farm to plan ahead for the year, and so we appreciate a commitment from CSA members to maintaining membership for the 2019 season as outlined in the CSA Schedule. If you do need to cancel your membership mid-season due to extenuating circumstances, please contact us.
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Being a CSA member allows our farm to plan ahead for the season, making sure we get the right amount of the best items to our most committed customers. It takes time to raise quality animals — some of our products have to be planned for a year or more in advance of when we want to deliver them.

For this reason, we do not offer customization of the CSA share itself, aside from the optional herb add-on. We, the farmers, determine the products delivered each month.

BUT: If you want more of certain items (e.g. you love chicken or rabbit in particular), you can still sign up for a CSA share and then order additional items from us for delivery at the same time! We have a special CSA-member web store where you can order additional items, the link will be provided with your membership. 

We always welcome feedback on our box contents to better serve our members!
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Pickup/Meetup Policies

We offer at least one pickup point in each city we service, where you must pick up your share on the specified date and within the time window — we try to offer wide time windows to accommodate a variety of schedules. These times and locations are specified in the CSA schedule below, and you can choose which site best suits your needs. We partner with local residents and businesses to provide easy access for picking up your share each month!

Locals: If you live on Snowden or Bates Road and are interested in having your share delivered directly to your home instead of a pickup point, please Contact Us to arrange this.
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Cancellations, skipped shares, and failure to pick up

We allow members to skip up to 2 months over the course of the season if you are on vacation or otherwise unavailable, as long as we are given advance notice via e-mail. If you need to skip more than 2 deliveries per year, we recommend buying through one of our other sales channels instead of CSA.

If you are late, do not show up to your pickup point, or leave town (unable to receive delivery) without contacting us at least 24 hrs in advance of the delivery day, we cannot guarantee a refund of your share — you are responsible for showing up on time to receive your food. However, if for any reason you cannot receive your share on time the day of delivery, please do call or text us at (509)-310-3157 to let us know and we will do what we can!

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Pickup/Meetup and Delivery Schedule

These dates are subject to change (weather, road conditions, and unforeseen events occasionally cause us to need to reschedule a delivery), we will notify you if this occurs, but we do our best to stick to the schedule.

Here is a list of our pickup locations and dates/times. Further details related to the pickup procedure at each site will be provided.

  • Northeast Portland, OR
    • Erickson Residence, 3033 NE 44th Ave – 3pm-7:30pm
      • April 11th
      • May 15th
      • June 13th
      • July 11th
      • August 15th
      • Sep 12th
      • Oct 10th
      • Nov 14th
      • December 12th
  • White Salmon, WA
    • White Salmon Baking Company, 80 NE Estes Ave – 1pm-7pm
      • April 11th
      • May 15th
      • June 13th
      • July 11th
      • August 15th
      • Sep 12th
      • Oct 10th
      • Nov 14th
      • December 12th
    • Horseradish Ranch (on farm pickup), 1381 Snowden Rd – 3-8pm
      • By appointment. On-farm pickup is always available for those who can’t make the dates/times of other pickups.
  • Hood River, OR
    • Hood River Farmer’s Market, lot at 5th st & Columbia Ave – 9am-1pm
      • April 6th (1-4 pm at The Ruins)
      • May 11th
      • June 15th
      • July 13th
      • August 17th
      • Sep 14th
      • Oct 12th
      • Nov 16th
      • December 14th (1-4pm at The Ruins)

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Sign Up

Use the link below to apply for a CSA membership! Please email us with any additional questions or concerns.

Click Here for 2019 CSA Membership Signup

If you’d like to hear more from us, consider signing up for our Newsletter !

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