About Horseradish Ranch

While we do love to grow a little plot of horseradish, our farm’s primary enterprise has been pasture-raised meats, eggs, and a few specialty crops. We chose the horseradish plant to represent our farm because we felt we had so much in common with it! Horseradish is a resilient plant that thrives in locations and conditions that few other crops can. It tolerates drought well, roots deeply, spreads quickly, and adds some spice to life 🙂

We hope that, like the horseradish plant, our impact on the land and our community will be perennial, growing and improving with each new season.

Laura Bazzetta: Owner/Operator

image3 (6)
The Horseradish Ranch Family: Brian, Laura, & Rooney

Originally from south-eastern Wisconsin where she grew up on a small hobby farm, Laura attended Carleton College in Minnesota where she studied Hydrology and Soil Science, and conducted research with the U.S. Geological Survey. In 2010, she moved to the west coast to pursue her dream and begin a professional career in organic agriculture. There she worked for a variety of livestock and mixed vegetable operations, at first as an apprentice and eventually as a greenhouse manager and marketing associate, until she founded Horseradish Ranch in the Gorge in 2016. Laura’s background in science informs her goals of soil & water improvement in tandem with the creation of delicious, happy, healthy foods for the Gorge community to enjoy.

4 thoughts on “About Horseradish Ranch”

  1. So excited for you Laura! Looks like you’ve got an amazing thing going…and so quickly! All the best!!!


  2. I have a good rabbit story. We lived in Belgium for a year. Invited to a home for dinner, she had prepared rabbit. Then she said, “you may have had rabbit, but you probably have never had these”. And she held up a package of cranberries. Where were they made? Bandon, Oregon. So we like rabbit, especially with cranberries. Do you sell rabbit at Saturday Market? Farm Stand? Where? Pat Schmuck


    1. Cute story Pat! I’ve never had it with cranberries before, I’ll have to try that soon, it sounds good 🙂 Do you have a recipe? I do sell Rabbit at the Hood River Saturday Market, as well as doing home deliveries in Hood River for orders through our Web Store. Demand for the rabbit has gone up since the article in Savor came out — I’m so thrilled there’s so many people who love or are interested in rabbit meat! I’m down to my last few for this coming weekend, but will have a refreshed supply for market on October 14th.


  3. Wow, a fellow Carl just up the road! I’m class of ’82 (bio major), living in Snowden since 1992. Hope to meet you in person before too long.

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