My journey back to meat — Dec 2017 Newsletter

Factory farming made veganism seem like the obvious choice: but pasture-raised livestock and rotational grazing showed me how meat can heal.

I have always been an animal lover. As my parents will testify, at the age of eight I was torn between my love of outer space and love of animals — the natural solution was, of course, that I would become the first veterinarian on the moon. While my desire for inter-stellar travel has dwindled over the years as I have fallen more deeply in love with my own planet Earth, my affinity for the furry and feathery kinds has remained.

You can imagine my horror then, when as a teenager I first began to learn about what happens on a great many livestock farms. I began to understand how the chicken sold at the grocery store did not come from a pastoral, happy-looking place like the image of a farm generated in childhood, but rather from large, concrete-swathed facilities where the daylight was blocked out and animals were crowded together so intensely that both their physical and mental health was greatly compromised. Their waste ran off into streams and rivers, causing toxic algae blooms and depriving other forms of life of vital oxygen. How could someone with an interest in the welfare of animals and the environment possibly support such a thing? ….

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