Cooking Tips

Cooking with Different Breeds of Poultry

As one might expect, different types of birds have different needs when it comes to cooking! This post is all about how to make the most of the bird you have. Please cross-reference Cooking with Whole Chicken for general information on cooking whole birds. Here at Horseradish Ranch, we raise five different types of poultry:   1.… Continue reading Cooking with Different Breeds of Poultry


Savory Stuffed Red Ranger Chicken

Why not have an everyday thanksgiving? Cooking the stuffing inside of our Red Ranger chicken gives it that extra punch of pasture-raised flavor, supported by the delectable goodness of dry-farmed shallots. Steps shown in the pictures above are outlined in detail below:   Gather up your ingredients, 95% of which you can likely find at… Continue reading Savory Stuffed Red Ranger Chicken