Ready to get cooking? Enjoy some of our favorite recipes! Some of these recipes we created ourselves here at the ranch, and some are links to recipes at other sites that we have tried with our meats and loved the results.

rabbit stew screenshot Stewed Rabbit (from Dishing Up the Dirt) – Local farmer/foodie Andrea Bemis used our rabbit to create this delicious recipe for her blog, Dishing Up the Dirt. This comforting rabbit stew is a great way to get cozy during the winter. Onions, tomatoes, red wine, and spices blend seamlessly in this perfectly seasonal dish.

image9 Savory Stuffed Red Ranger Chicken – Treat yourself and your guests to an everyday Thanksgiving with this recipe. Fenugreek,  seed italian parsley, mushrooms, and french shallots give this stuffing a unique flavor that will bring something new to the table of your holiday gathering, but is light and flexible enough for spring and summer meals as well.

image2 (7) Easy Multi-Dish Rabbit – This low-hassle recipe makes cooking tender, tasty rabbit accessible to even the most novice kitchen chef — and offers a great way to prep ahead for quick meals on the go later in the week.