Easy Multi-Dish Rabbit

Rabbit can seem like an intimidating project for the uninitiated -- but this mildly-flavored, all-white meat is actually quite versatile and easy to cook. Highest in protein and lowest in fat of all the meats we raise, pasture-raised rabbit makes the perfect addition to any meal. This recipe will result in tender, juicy meat that is… Continue reading Easy Multi-Dish Rabbit

Farm Life

If all the world’s a stage, who do I call for ‘line’?

Every place has a history. The property that our farm operates on, which we lease from Blue Moon Stead, has seen many phases of life -- from operating ranch and hay fields, to summer camp, to private residence, and now revisiting its origins in agriculture as we bring the pastures back into use with our… Continue reading If all the world’s a stage, who do I call for ‘line’?


Savory Stuffed Red Ranger Chicken

Why not have an everyday thanksgiving? Cooking the stuffing inside of our Red Ranger chicken gives it that extra punch of pasture-raised flavor, supported by the delectable goodness of dry-farmed shallots. Steps shown in the pictures above are outlined in detail below:   Gather up your ingredients, 95% of which you can likely find at… Continue reading Savory Stuffed Red Ranger Chicken